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Top 5 tips for a first time home buyer

Top 5 most important tips for a first time home buyer - featured image

Everyone who is well settled in their professional life look at a house and think about owning one. It is just that anyone who is a first time home buyer is overwhelmed with the idea of the price tag. This is one of the priciest purchase of anyone’s life if not the most priciest.

We are listing the top five most important things that you should know if you are a first time home buyer. These tips have a universal tone and would apply to anyone irrespective of their town or city they are looking to invest in.

This might sound like an obvious one, but the important part is to do it right. A first time buyer generally don’t have much idea about stuff that is not listed in the search directories and are more to do with personal preference and their impact on practical advise. It is nevertheless important to list what you are looking for in your dream home. We would recommend you to:-

1. Prioritize and List – Identify your top priority, such as proximity to a mall or distance from the highway.

2. Identify your budget threshold. Agents would always push you to punch above your weight.

3. Create a table that has rows of the properties that you have seen and the columns where data around your priorities and practical information could be filled in.

4. Find out the cost of repairs and customizations that you’d require and list that in the table. Add it to the price and display in another column.

5. Factor in those criteria that would be relevant in 3 years and 5 years from now such as proximity to a school or a hospital, number of bedrooms etc.

I am an agent who understands the situation of a first time buyer and would always make suggestions that my customers value for life.

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